Need Emergency Locksmith Service in Fort Lauderdale FL

Locksmith service in Fort Lauderdale FL offer a variety of solutions for home owners. These include security system packages that incorporate locks, safes and other tools to help keep property safe from unauthorized access.

Some companies also install smart locks, which can work with automation systems. These allow users to lock and unlock facilities remotely.


We are proud to offer a full range of residential locksmith services. Whether you’re changing locks after moving into a new home, want to upgrade your existing lock system, or simply need a spare key for guests and visitors, our team of highly-trained and certified locksmiths can help.

Having the right locks in your home is essential to keeping your belongings safe and minimizing the risk of theft. The expert locksmiths at Ben’s can install high-security locks, rekey them so that you can use one master key for all doors, and help you select the best lock for your home.

Rekeying a lock is an affordable and easy way to add extra security to your home. It involves removing the lock cylinder and changing the pins to match your new keys so that old keys won’t work anymore. This is ideal when you’ve moved into a new home or don’t know who has duplicates of your keys.


Licensed locksmiths offer commercial lock and key services for businesses. They can install locks where there are none, repair or replace old ones, and rekey locks so that a single key will work for all doors. They can also upgrade locks to more secure options and assist with keyless entry systems.

Many homes and apartments are equipped with keypad locks. These are used primarily to arm and disarm security systems, or to check the system’s status. The best locksmith service companies can install these and fix any existing ones that are not working correctly.

A reputable mobile locksmith can help you rekey your home or business’s locks so that one key will work in all the doors. This is a great way to avoid leaving spare keys in the wrong hands. It can also save you money by reducing the number of locks you need to purchase and maintain. In addition, these professionals can also rekey your mailbox lock so that you can prevent neighbors and friends from accessing your mail.


Having a professional locksmith service to call in an emergency is important. This is especially true when you are locked out of your car or your business. These technicians are highly trained and equipped with the tools needed to help you get back inside quickly. They also offer a wide range of services including changing locks, rekeying locks and key fobs, repair ignitions, and more.

Modern automobile locks are far more complicated than their home counterparts. They have in-built anti-theft features and jimmy proof locks that are designed to keep your car secure from thieves or opportunists. If one of these systems goes awry, it can be a huge security risk.

A professional locksmith can rekey your lock so that only one key will work in all of your doors. This is an affordable alternative to replacing all of your locks if you’ve recently moved into a house or need a new set of keys for someone else in the family.


Having the key locked in your car is a frustrating experience. Luckily, you can count on our experienced locksmiths to quickly unlock your vehicle and have you on your way in no time at all. Our professional locksmith technicians are available 24/7 to respond to any emergency and can provide a fast, accurate estimate for you over the phone.

We service gated communities in Florida by installing, servicing and maintaining their gates. We also specialize in parking solutions, such as concrete islands and access control systems. We design and build everything from automated swing and slide or electric rolling gates, to security and parking ticket dispensers and pay-in-lane stations.

Since Fort Lauderdale is in what is known as a high-velocity wind zone, all exterior openings need to be impact-rated. Including your garage door! We can help you upgrade to impact-rated doors to qualify for discounts on your home or business insurance. We can also rekey your locks so that one key will open all your doors.