Bomb Max Energy Bomb Metroid

The Bomb Max Energy Bomb is a Morph Ball upgrade found in Metroid Prime and its sequel. It is arguably the strongest weapon in the game and can destroy all enemies on screen.

Although this is a very powerful weapon, it is not recommended to use them in the game. This is because they are extremely harmful to humans and are able to instantly vaporize them, which could cause unintended damage to other survivors or the crew.

Power Bombs

Power Bombs are a type of power-up in the Metroid series that is used to destroy certain destructible objects and enemies. They are similar to regular Morph Ball Bombs in that they deal 200 damage in a large horizontal-oval-shaped blast radius, but are much more powerful than standard bombs.

Charged Bombs

A Charged Bomb is a special type of bomb that can be fired from the Arm Cannon.

Hyper Bombs

In addition to Power Bombs, Metroid Prime Hunters also features Hyper Bombs, which can be charged with the R button. However, they must be fully charged before they can be used, and they detonate immediately upon release.

Known as “thermobaric” bombs, these devices combine a small fissile core (containing uranium-235) with deuterium and tritium gas. These gases fuse together to create a fusion reaction, causing more neutrons to be released and increasing the yield of the bomb.

Accel Charge

Accel Charge is a cool looking E-Pickup item that decreases the time it takes to charge a Beam or a Power Bomb. It’s also a fun little toy to play with, as it can be used to enhance Samus’ arsenal of attack options.

The best place to find one is in the Geothermal Power Plant. It may be hidden away in a darkened pit, but it’s worth the effort.